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Mischief at Midnight

When Madelyn’s service drone breaks just
before a dinner party, she calls Triple D
Drones for help. When the new Dallas
"prototype" shows up to lend a hand,
Madelyn finds she needs help with more
than serving dinner. Isn’t service what a
Triple D drone does best?

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Right From the Start
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To Bed a Spy

Keeping his mind on business isn't
easy with Rae at his side. TJ has but
one question - what will it take for
Rae to bed a spy?

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Dana Myerly believes in helping out a
neighbor in need. One rainy Monday she
aids a stranded fellow motorist.
She finds herself drawn to a big smile,
friendly hazel eyes, and a tight pair of blue
jeans. Coerced into yet another blind date by
two of her friends, Dana finds her luck has
changed and her date is her stranded
motorist, Randy Walker.

Dana and Randy share an
immediate connection, but how
do you know if it’s love…and he’s the one..
Right From the Start?